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Movie review: Kick is unimaginative and unoriginal

There are two devils in Kick. Both have sinister smiles. One of them, as the trailer tells us, is a thief named Devil (Salman Khan). The other one is in disguise. His name is Shiv (Nawazuddin Sidddiqui), a loony, over-the-top villain whose presence adds a much-needed kick to the film's proceedings. Siddiqui with his gaunt physique is the man least likely to take on Khan in a brawl and emerge victorious. So it's a relief to know that here he is the baddie with a brawn and a colourful personality who annoys the hero with his teasing talk and creepy laugh. If only Kick like Siddiqui didn't take itself too seriously, then we would get a few kicks out of the 146-minute long running time. Unfortunately, that's not the case. Read more at:


The southern edition of the Filmfare awards were held in Chennai recently. And here's who arrived at the glittering ceremony. When one of the largest circulating magazine hosts an awards ceremony, you better show up. So it wasn't surprising to see everybody who was somebody at the southern edition of the Filmfare awards held over the weekend in Chennai.

Yudh connections: How everyone's linked to Amitabh, Anurag

The reviews may not have been kind, but Yudh's scale and ambition must be lauded. Yudh marks the first full-blooded collaboration between show producer and mentor Anurag Kashyap and leading man Amitabh Bachchan, though, interestingly enough, most of the people featuring on the show have been connected with one or both of these men. A look at the connections running through Yudh:

Drishyam makers in Trouble?

As the Bollywood producer Ekta Kapoor has sent a legal notice to the producers of the Malayalam movie Drishyam' claiming that the script of the Malayalam film is not original, Jeethu Joseph and producer Antony Perumbavoor are finding ways to clear the allegations. Ekta argues that 'Drishyam' is an adaptation of a Japanese novel titled 'The Devotion of Suspect X' the rights of which has been brought by Ekta Kappor to be made into a Bollywood movie.

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